Magic Truffles Tampanensis


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Magic Truffles Tampanensis

Buy Magic Truffles Tampanensis online from a legal magic mushrooms online store in Psychedelic Cubensis usa shipping worldwide The psilocybe Tampanensis first found in Florida in 1977 is comparable to the psilocybe Mokum, but the visuals are more intense. All your senses will be sharpened, as a matter of fact the whole world around you will look and feel totally different. Suitable for beginners/experienced users.

Perfectly suited for Philosophers
Warm shivers (sometimes shock-waves, depending on the does) will rush through your body and you will be filled with euphoria.

These magic truffles are called “Philosopher’s Stones” for a good reason – not only will you be able to think in very creative ways, but you can find spiritual enlightenment as well; at high doses one might be able to fully understand how the whole universe works!


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